Is social media the new norm?

How many of the social media channels below are you familiar with?


Now – how many have you used in the last 24 hours?

Whether you use none or all six of these platforms, many brands are using all six to craft marketing messages and spark conversations with people like you and me.

In 24 hours alone, over 350 million photos are uploaded to Facebook, more than two billion search queries are performed on Twitter, 432,000 Vine videos are shared on Twitters and over one billion likes are generated on Instagram. If brands aren’t already using social media to break through the clutter and build relationships with consumers, they’re missing the mark.

With approximately 85% of people going online to research purchases, successful social media marketing has the potential to generate more traffic to a website, send customers to a retail location, create awareness for a brand and build customer loyalty. In an ever-emerging digital age, it is key that brands are using social media to create conversations with people with the ultimate goal of attracting people into their world, which could lead to an easier selling process.

Do you follow any brands that are already using a social media marketing strategy?